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TRDC always invites outsiders to be part of its development projects/activities. All the project activities give a very good opportunity for public/ employees of corporate/ donor organisation/ friends who wish to take a sabbatical for few months and work on a development project with special focus on children centred community development and environmental conservation projects

TRDC would provide an opportunity for the philanthropists, high net worth individuals, social investors, donors and corporate to participate in its activities through various donation options schemes with income tax exemptions under 80-G either one time or through pay-roll.

It also provides them an opportunity to interact with communities, local institutions, Governmental departments, media in the rural context and gain first hand experience in understanding livelihoods of communities living rural areas and an exposure to rural ecosystem.

TRDC provide an opportunity for senior people who are in the verge of retirement to work on development issues, specially the education and also take up research studies on cross cutting issues such as rural poverty, healthcare, education, livelihoods, income etc.

TRDC also provide opportunity for the interested individuals who have interest in writing to media on the children centred community development and environmental conservation

It provides opportunity for Trainers to train the project staff and volunteers on the topics of their interests which is also relevant to the project

Interested individuals can visit TRDC-ASHAKIRAN and TRDC-Paryavaran project on a short term basis too and get involved in day to day project implementation along with project staff and also experiment their ideas to enhance the quality of the project.

TRDC always welcome any other ideas from the general public, employees of corporate, Government and their friends


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