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TRDC -PARYAVARAN project in Uttara Kannada and Mysore District is intended to address the climate change issues through regeneration, enrichment of plants and wildlife conservation, restoration of wetlands / water resources and also ensure involvement of youths and local farmers in conservation of natural resource to reduce effects of climate change. The hills in Uttara Kannada were covered with evergreen forests. These tropical evergreen forests provided the micro-climatic conditions for the growth of various spices. Post-colonial forest policy further aggravated these conflicts and forest degradation which had begun in the colonial period adding to global warming and impacting negatively on climate change. Recently these changes have impacted in terms of increased floods during monsoon and drought situation with prolonged summer season. Recently Karnataka has severely affected because of the climate change adversaries. Hence communities have expressed that they will work on activities which can reduce the effects of climate change in terms of their local livelihood security as well of others in the Global village. The project would focus on restoration of wetlands as natural solutions to enhance flood control, arrest water scarcity during drought periods. Project also aims at conserving forest trees yielding wild tropical fruits to improve the food security of local community and also help wildlife to fulfill their nutritional requirements. All these efforts will reduce the effects of climate change and promote local actions with local as well as global benefits.


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