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Below are some of the questions we get asked most. If you cannot find your question here, please email it to trdcindia@gmail.com

What is Tropical Research and Development Centre (TRDC)
Organisation : TRDC is an NGO founded during the year 1994. It is registered under Public Charitable Trust Act. The organization has its project area in Haveri, Hunsur and Sirsi Taluks of Karnataka with its headquarters in Bangalore. The issues of acute poverty, resource degradation, ill health, illiteracy and lack of awareness on various aspects of development among the rural communities have prompted TRDC to organize poorer section of the society with special emphasis on women empowerment and self-help approach for their own development. TRDC as an organization is working till from the beginning in the arid and semi-arid zones which are complex ecosystems with natural potential sufficient to provide a good quality of life, if the development approach adopted is socially just, ecologically sustainable and culturally appropriate. TRDC tries to address many of the most basic problems faced by the rural people seeking to improve their quality of life by addressing the issue of poor education standards, alternative income opportunities, employment, human rights environmental degradation and rural infrastructure.

Dos the Tropical Research and Development Centre(TRDC) offer donations to other charities and organizations :
NO. Because the organizations receives the money to implement its activities directly with poor communities in the field.

Can I register as a friend/ supporter of Tropical Research and Development Centre(TRDC)
Yes. TRDC always welcomes friends, supporters, volunteers to be part of the organizational activities.

How do I help raise funds for of Tropical Research and Development Centre(TRDC) ?
By using The Tropical Research and Development Centre(TRDC) website for as much of your normal online activity as possible and support our activities by recommending our various donation options to yours friends, relatives and other people whom you know.

Can I help raise funds without Signing Up ?
Yes Very much possible. However TRDC always wish to thank people who help us in fundraising and acknowledge their efforts in supporting our activity. Hence we would be happy to receive communications from you.

Can I introduce TRDC to my friends, family and colleagues to fundraising ?
Yes. You can . TRDC would encourage people to get involved with TRDC activities and also raise funds for supporting the underprivileged and conservation of natural resources

Why should I introduce people?
Because the more people who use The Tropical Research and Development Centre(TRDC) to learn more about poverty, poor children, the environment and health issues and for some of their normal internet activities, the more money we can raise for our activities and good causes

What kind of people should I introduce to the Tropical Research and Development center (TRDC)
Your friends, family or colleagues for starters. Then other people who you can find who are interested in raising funds for charities and good causes in general, or for one particular good cause which is special to them.


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